Air SPring Assembly in Bangalore

Air Spring Assembly

  • For Mainline / Rajdhani LHB Coaches for FIAT Type Bogies - 120 kN
  • For Mainline / Rajdhani LHB Coaches for ICF Type Bogies - 140 kN
  • For Higher Capacity Air Spring Assembly For LHB Coaches - 160 kN
  • Higher Capacity Loads For EMU/DMU Coaches For ICF Type Bogies - 180 kN
  • Currently in the development stage

Metal-to-Rubber Bonded Items

  • Injection moulded metal-to-rubber bonded items produced using top of the line equipment for high quality products.
  • Metal parts are machined to tight tolerances
  • In-house fatigue testing of all products to guarantee its working through entire life-cycle.
Metal-to-Rubber Bonded Items in Bangalore
Arnitel Coil Spring Pads in Bangalore

Arnitel Coil Spring Pads

  • Developed in collaboration with DSM Engineering, Netherlands using their extensive worldwide experience. It has the flexibility of rubber, the strength of engineering plastic and the processability of thermoplastic.
  • High technology TPE Coil Spring Pads were developed to replace conventional rubber dampers. Advantages over rubber dampers:
    • Higher load-bearing capacity
    • Better noise and shock absorption
    • Long life
  • PPI has supplied over a million Coil Spring pads to the Indian Railways

Axle Box Front Cover

  • Lightweight, vandal-proof, TPE Axle Box Front Covers to replace heavy aluminium covers.
  • It is used to seal the bearing and grease from the environment
Axle Box Front Cover in Bangalore
TPE Pad for Secondary Suspension in Bangalore

TPE Pad for Secondary Suspension

  • Indigenously developed heavy-load TPE pads for secondary suspension.
  • Fatigue tested for life-cycle guarantee
  • It works as a part of the secondary suspension in Linke Hofmann Busch (LHB) coaches, where the primary load is taken by the helical spring and secondary load by the Pad for Secondary Suspension.

Polyacetal Protective Tube

  • The main function of the protective tube in the bogie is to protect the helical spring, which serves as the primary suspension.
  • Advantages of Polyacetal Protective Tube
    • Lower carbon-footprint when compared with engineering plastics
    • Huge reduction in weight the coach
    • Easy to handle at the workshops when they need to be replaced
    • Failures due to rust and oxidation are eliminated
Polyacetal Protective Tubein Bangalore
HPPA Brake Gear Bushesin Bangalore

HPPA Brake Gear Bushes

  • The main function of the brake gear bushes is to wear itself out slowly and as a result increase life of the metal parts it is mounted on.
  • At PPI, we worked with multiple engineering plastics to achieve the right abrasion resistance and lubrication. We finally achieved success with High Performance PolyAmide (HPPA), which met the specific requirements of wear & tear, crush strength and lubrication.

Vestibules/ Inter-car Gangways

  • Rubber used in these products meet stringent international fire standards for toxicity and smoke (NCD 1409 & UIC 845).
  • Results achieved
    • Toxicity Index less than 1
    • Resistance to Spread of Flame - Class A
    • Loss of visibility due to smoke - Class A
    • Limiting Oxygen Index > 35
    • MARHE as per HL-2/HL-3 of EN-45545
Vestibules/ Inter-car Gangwaysin Bangalore